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Our Dachshunds Allow Us to Be on "Their" Couch!

Visiting Puppy Policy

As we would love for you to visit your puppy, it is actually putting puppy at risk. The germs that your shoes and clothing and of course your hands may carry could be detrimental.               

Please understand that if we have several visitors for each puppy, the chance of parvo or say dog flu would increase dramatically. Each person may have visited Pet Smart or some other pet friendly store, which inside the store are many people who may not even vaccinate their dogs! Or they have visited a dog park which has these same bad germs just waiting to be attached to the dog or people's clothing.          

Please understand this is for the safety of the puppy and its siblings. Thanks for understanding. Also this is the same reason for you not to take your puppy to these places until all vaccinations are complete for added safety for becoming ill. Also unfortunately, with over twenty years of work inside our state prisons, I have heard horrendous stories with dogs and their owners. I have met an acquaintance which she had people over to meet the puppies. They didn't pick a puppy out, but came back that night and stole all her dogs and puppies! They were caught eventually, but she was not able to get her dogs and pups back because they sold them. These people came and checked out her house prior,and then committed a horrid crime we would all hate to experience. Caution is the word both for the buyer and litter owners! Basically everyone, due to people not so very nice in this world. Just be careful. Thanks for listening.

The Wonderful Dachshund, great family pet, loyal, understands your every mood, and loves your lap most of all.