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Male or Female Puppy? Which should I Get??

When contemplating a new puppy everyone usually states they want a female because they get along with everyone better, or that they are easier to potty train, or they will get along with other dogs easier. Well, first and foremost, you are and always should be the 'alpha' in your pack at home. Whenever introducing another dog into your home with another dog, hopefully the orginal dog has not been allowed to be an 'alpha' in your home (ruler of the roost), because if so, then there will be plenty of retraining for both dogs.

You should always be the boss in your own home with your dogs. No dog should rule your home and make you cater to its needs. We are the supreme being in our own homes. Don't get me wrong,, of course we love our babies, BUT, please train them and make them mind you so if ever an event may occur which you will need to control (such as an argument between two dogs) you will be able to butt inbetween and take full control of the situation.

So now back to which puppy?? Which geinder?? Well, I can really see no difference, except that I do have studs (of course which are not neutered in the house) and sometimes when a girl is in heat, will kick up their heels and mark. But I also have a Chinese Crested mix who is neutered and he doesn't lift his leg in the house. Through many former owners of my male puppies, they have informed me that neutered males are the best choice!

From the female owners of my puppies, if they do spay the girls, they too are excellent family pets. So if in choosing between male and female, all I can say is to spay and neuter ASAP so the hormones will not be already present and bad habits have already occurred. Perfect planning in altering should be included in your new puppies early life so to ensure that he/she will be a perfect family member!

The Wonderful Dachshund, great family pet, loyal, understands your every mood, and loves your lap most of all.