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Our Dachshunds Allow Us to Be on "Their" Couch!

 Welcome to our Webpage of our beautiful miniature dachshunds we have raised and loved and placed in loving beautiful homes! Please make yourself welcome and browse through many pages about the miniature dachshund, especially the English Creams. If there are available puppies, they will be under the page tab Available Puppies. Thanks for viewing.  Some pages are being updated thanks for your patience.

 Ava is on the right and her daughter Jill on the left. Ava is a shaded English Cream, Jill is an eecream. Unfortunately our Ava crossed the rainbow bridge. We love you always our sweet Ava girl. 


 This is a litter of English Cream Dachshunds. See the variety of colors of cream. From the left are eecreams, the little one on the right is a shaded cream. The shaded creams are born dark and eventually lighten up like Ava in the above photo.
Following are some of our past pups over the last 20 years. I will label their patterns,coats, etc. Dachshunds are the breed with the highest amount  of different colorings, patterns, coats, and gets quite confusing! Hope this helps. We have downsized and only have a couple females now. From a country farm house down to a two bedroom ranch in the country. 
                                   Black and Tan Longhair  
                                                               Black and Cream Longhair
                                                  Shaded Red Longhair  
                               Chocolate Longhair
                                                                 English Cream Longhair      (eecream)
                                  Black and Cream Dapple Longhair

                               Black and Cream Dapple Longhair Puppy
                        Chocolate Tan Smooth on top step
                         Black and Tan Dapple Smooth Coat on lower step

                    English Cream Brindle Dapple Longhair
                    Extreme Red and White Piebald Smooth Coat



Silky Wirehair Dachshund

Longhair x Wirehair Breeding


                                        Black and Tan Wirehair Puppy

Chocolate Cream Longhair

                                               eecream longhair
                                            eecream pup long coat in the high mountains of Colorado