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Letters from new owners!

 I have wanted to email you earlier but have been so busy! We just LOVE Mini and are enjoying her sooo much! Her and our cocker spaniel get along great and she's wonderful with my daycare kids. She is also theraputic for me after the rough 9 months I had with the death of both my parents. She was actually born on the 3 month anniversary of my mom passing away and think it was meant for us to have her!! She's so sweet...you do a fantastic job with these dogs!!


 Hello, we took Bella for her first vet appointment. She weighs 8 lbs now, got her rabies, & 2 other shots. I also got her a proheart shot for 6 months protection for heartworm. Vet said she is beautiful, & a very healthy strong puppy. He's only seen 1 other black & cream & just loves them. Her puppy teeth have started to come out, which my girls love. Chloe asked if their is a puppy tooth fairy too! Her hair is starting to really grow on her ears , tail & feet! She is doing great & we are so blessed to have met you & gotten her.

bella has become a star as you can tell she just loves getting her pic taken! These pics are wonderful. She is so loved and happy! Appreciate the time you are taking to send me these pics and update. Thanks so much.


Hi! Barney is now Fritz and he's growing up fast. He is the happiest dog and the love of my life. Thank you for raising such a great companion!



Three years ago, you made my dream come true when we met in the McDonald's parking lot! Henry is spoiled rotten and thriving. He enjoys walks, balls, playing chase, snuggling, riding in the car, laying in the sun and visiting friends and family. Thought you might like seeing a new picture of him. Thanks again for bringing Henry into our lives!


I have been meaning to send you some photos of Jax (Lenny). I also want to tell you I just love jax, he makes me so happy. He is so lovable and sweet. He is definitely a mommy's boy. He just warms my heart everyday. Our family is complete with him. He has even made best friends with our kitty Leroy.

Thank you Adrienne


 Hi Vickie,

Things are going well with our sweet pup Maple. We are very happy that everything worked out. She is doing great with the potty training, thanks to Katie and her regimen. Still having some trouble getting her used to the kennel but I know that will just take some time.

We took her to our vet yesterday and everything checked out great, the staff loved her. Do we need to send you proof or records that we took her in order to ensure the health guarantee?

Thanks again!


My wife said she sent you some pics of Jax aka Lenny.  I thought I'd add some that I had.  He has been a true blessing to our family and we all love him very much.  He is very spoiled! Lol


Just wanted to give an update on my tiny puppy I got from you in February! He used to be Zeus, but since then I've renamed him Monster. He's the cutest little thing and everyone loves him! He ways about 8 pounds now, and he's starting to look more weiner-like everyday. He's almost completely house trained, but still has some accidents here and there. He loooooooves his older brother, Harley, our lab-pit mix. Although he's small compared to him, he's definitely not afraid. One of his favorite things to do is lick up people's noses. He loves it. Overall, he's loving life.
Anyways, just wanted to say thank you for giving us a happy, healthy puppy and someone to snuggle with all through the night!
Hope you have a good weekend!



Good Morning Ms Vickie,

Words cannot begin to express the happiness that lil’ Wilson has brought into my life and my family. He is a smart & an extremely loving Doxie. GOD has answered my prayers!! Our Corgi ‘Mattie’ is still adjusting. That will come with time. Wilson has completed our lil’ family J

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything and I hope that all your babies will bring this much happiness to everyone and their families.

Have a Blessed & Bodacious Day!!



Just letting you know that he is doing amazing and we love him. We ended up naming him Oscar. Thank you sooo much!



Hi Vickie:

              No worries!  Your babies are fine, adjusting well, eating, drinking, running, happy.  Apologize for not touching base today, they went to see their grandparents today.  Everyone loves these little dolls.  Really, no "potty problems" from their flight.  They were clean, calm, no major signs of stress, just quiet & full of kisses.  They are enjoying their custom made play pen.  They have everything a puppy can want. It was 98 degrees today, we bought them a baby pool & they went swimming in an inch of water.  They didn't realize we snuck in a quick bath! 
            You did such a wonderful job sending these babies.  Out of the hundreds of puppies on the net, we are sooooooooo glad we found YOU!  We'll send pictures soon.  Thank You again.
            We absolutely LOVE Hayden & Havilyn, so glad we got two. 


    He's doing great. he's already gotten bigger in the last two weeks. though
its hard to tell if you're not around him all the time. but he's healthy,
he's frisky,and he's spoiled rotten. haha.   from Stacey


I just wanted to let you know that my sister and I surprised my dad with the puppy and he absolutely loves him. You should have seen the grin on his face when we held him out to him! The little guy has been held and snuggled all evening--he didn't want to do anything else.
My dad still hasn't named him yet, but hopefully soon.


Hi Vickie, Snapple the Dapple ( better knowns as Rocky) is doing great. The kids and I love him to death. He sleeps with me every night and is very happy to see me when I come home from work.. He is starting to go outside to go potty but still uses the pee pee pads which is good for when Im at work.  My female golden retriever gets along with him very well and even plays with him. She is pretty gentle with him.. He is working out great and will have a forever loving home here with me.. Thanks so much.!!! Hope to stay in touch. Sara
Hi Vickie,  Just wanted to let you know that "Gus" is settling in great.  We love him!  We are working on house training and he is really catching on.  Grandkids think he is the greatest.  He is so calm.  Just wants to stay close and cuddle.  Thank you so much.  I will send some picutres soon.  Thank you again.  Sarah

bubbles is doing fine has taken over the house. she and oscar play well together he lets her know when gets a little to rough.

loves to chase the cats they just ignore her. i now have two shadows where ever i go oscar has always followed me every where

now she comes along. i have steps by the bed so guess where she has been sleeping. sleeps good at night and has been doing

good on th puppy pads and outside. i forgot to ask about how much food to feed her in a days time.

thanks for such a sweet little girl.


 Just wanted to let you know that freckles is doing well.  He is a very happy boy!  THANK YOU SO MUCH! We love him.



 Hello, Vicki just wanted to let you know how well, spoiled and much loved Layla is. Here is a cute pic take care and thank you again for her. She is such a good companion I love her soooo much! Take care. Rachel


 purchased a beautiful long haired doxie from you a couple years ago for my sister's birthday. she loves her "sophie". then sent 2 friends over to purchase long hairs also. now in the market for another long haired female for my 14 year old niece for christmas. will you have any available?


The Wonderful Dachshund, great family pet, loyal, understands your every mood, and loves your lap most of all.