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Buying Your New Puppy

Buying Your New Puppy...What if Puppy Gets Sick, Won't Potty Train, Won't Listen, Whines all the Time....are you going to give him away? Sell him? NO NO NO  A puppy is a lifetime commitment and your entire family needs to agree on the responsibilities of having a puppy. 

Please read below and see if you are ready...if you agree to all these responsibilities, then check out the available puppies on my website, read and re-read the contract/health guarantee, email to see if the puppy is available, send the postal order/money order for the deposit, make arrangements to meet the puppy when he is old enough to go to your home, and finish paying in cash for the remainder amount, and off he/she goes home with you! Requirement is to send pictures of how the puppy is growing!


Ready for a New Puppy ???

Being awakened in the night by whimpering or worse continued barking...

Are you ready for that?

Needing to go outside to go potty every hour or so??

Are you ready for that?

Coming home from a long day at work to find poo all over the floor?

Are you ready for that?

I am just explaining that there will be days like that, sometimes

more of those days than we would like to remember!

But, it is all worth it to those that are determined to make it a success!

To make memories that will be the best, in the eyes of your child

and your family! Forever.

So before you buy a puppy, make sure

You Are Ready!


The Wonderful Dachshund, great family pet, loyal, understands your every mood, and loves your lap most of all.