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Our Dachshunds Allow Us to Be on "Their" Couch!

About Us


      Over twenty years ago we had a wirehair dachshund with the name of Troubles. Troubles was a wild boar wirehair and had a few litters over the years, including beautiful wheatons. After 12 years, Troubles crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she will always be in our hearts.

Well the breeding lines I have originated my puppies, are from a great friend and past breeder. My dogs carry great lines including Sniffntells, Handy's, Stoneleigh's, Aquamarine from imported Japanese lines, Brandach's, Doxology, and many more. Champions Top Banana JP Dragon Strike, Champion Graedon Freckle Face, Champion Priorsgate Peter Piper and many more. I have bred dachshunds for family pets off and on since 1990's. 

My lines are precious to me now and I usually never allow other breeders to purchase my dogs because I want my lines to stay as I have bred them, unless the breeder can prove the lines will be only improved and bred for the best of the miniature dachshund breed. I have bred for conformation and best personalities around.

Now a bit about how we raise our puppies......

Our dachshunds are raised inside our home.They are our 'soul doggies'. They understand us, ride with us, and sometimes allow us to use our couch while watching TV. Our dachshunds are our pets, not breeding stock. 

Our dachshunds are our family...so if you do not like hair on your pants, or shirt, do not like dogs jumping up on you occasionally, then please do not visit. And re-think about getting a dog.

When we do have a litter, we will have a puppy play pen set up for the puppies to get used to normal household noises, TVs, grandchildren, other dogs running by, birds talking and whistling to them.

We do not allow any puppy visits until after they have received their puppy vaccinations. Please understand this is for the safety of your puppy! 

Transitioning our puppies is constant work, but makes new families very happy that we took all the time to create such loveable babies. It greatly assists when puppies move to their new homes.Works out best too if the new owners continue training with crates or a puppy pen.

After puppies are born, each day they are handled. I make sure their paws are touched, backs, bellies and heads. I continue with this process as it acclimates the puppies to handling and less stress when grooming/clipping nails. 

Our puppies are raised on Pure Balance Salmon and Pea Puppy food with salmon oil supplement. Usually the first food is wet puppy food with canned Pure Balance stirred in, along with some yogurt and or cottage cheese. Mmm good.

     We live in Midwest Illinois near Peoria. Our pups get used to traveling in cars because if we do need to assist new owners by meeting part way to help them meet their puppy before purchasing, we will gladly assist in the process to deliver a puppy and the rest of the litter will usually go along too.We never ship our puppies. 

You must meet your puppy face to face, before purchasing, to appreciate our hard work for you!  We love whelping the puppies. Seeing the pups firsthand which you have strived to breed for conformation is the best award ever. And then to watch and help them grow into a wonderful quality dachshund puppy for a new family is quite rewarding, and then continue to receive growing up pictures from the new families is icing on the cake.


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The Wonderful Dachshund, great family pet, loyal, understands your every mood, and loves your lap most of all.